Coffee Food Van Concession Trailer Food Stand

Coffee Food Van Concession Trailer Food Stand

This Food van is currently the most classic style, also called BOXER Food van. Although there are many new Foo van on the market, it is the most practical. The space is large and square, which is convenient for installing various kitchen appliances.

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This Food Van comes from a customized case from a USA buyer.
All Food Van are custom-made.
The cases shown in the picture are customized by other customers for reference only.
If you need a custom Food Van, please contact us for the latest quotation.

Material Polyurethane+Steel Plate 
Frame Galvanized Steel
Chassis  Galvanized Steel
Flooring Non-slip aluminum plate
Tire 185/R14LT
Counter/Bench Stainless Steel
Color Black
Size 480x210x260cm   15.70x6.88x8.35ft (LxWxH)
Weight 1200kg 2645 lb

The basic configuration of this Food Van
Sales window  
Folding table
Non-slip Al floor
Power connector  
Tail light connector 
Support legs
Ceiling light 
Safety chain 
Tow bar+guide wheels 
Inside insulation
Axles and Brake

Same as pictures of this Food Van
Basic configuration
Car painting(Black)
Stainless steel wall
Stainless steel counter
3compartments sinks+1hand sink
USA sockets+circuit breaker
A/C units
Salad bar fridge
Gas fryer,gas griddle,gas stove
Range hoods
Gas box
Cash drawer

Food Van5
Food Van6
Food Van7
Food Van8

This food van is characterized by large space and classic style. There are also a variety of colors to choose from. Unlike airstream food truck and other round food trucks, they make full use of every corner of the space. The edge of the frame is made of aluminum alloy, which looks more high-end, but it also plays a role in protecting the body of the dining car. Use aluminum plywood near the tires to protect the bottom from damage. This food van is black spray paint, classic style classic color, in line with the aesthetic of most people. The size is 480x210x240cm, suitable for 2-3 people. Two gas boxes are installed on the traction rod, the internal walls are covered with stainless steel, and kitchen appliances include gas stove, gas fryer, gas stove, range hood, air conditioner, salad table refrigerator, cashier drawer, sink, socket and so on. It is also a multi-functional food van. To customize your food van, please contact us for the latest quotation.

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