Concession Food Trailer Hamburger Mobile Kitchen

Concession Food Trailer Hamburger Mobile Kitchen

This mobile kitchen adopts a dual-axle design with a size of 340cm and has enough space for 1~2 people to work. The mobile kitchen is equipped with imported axles for safer. Classic red, glossy paint. This mobile kitchen is suitable for all kinds of snacks (coffee, burgers, ice cream, hot dogs, etc.)

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This mobile kitchen comes from a customized case from a Spanish buyer.
All mobile kitchen are custom-made.
The cases shown in the picture are customized by other customers for reference only.
If you need a custom mobile kitchen, please contact us for the latest quotation.

Material FRP+Steel Plate
Frame Galvanized Steel
Chassis  Galvanized Steel
Flooring Non-slip aluminum plate
Tire 185/R14
Counter/Bench Stainless Steel
Color Red
Size 340x200x240cm   11.15x6.56x7.87ft (LxWxH) 
Weight 660kg  1455 lb

The basic configuration of this mobile kitchen
Stainless counter
Wall shelf
Folding counter
Led light
Service window
Side window
Towbar+jockey wheels
Power inlet
Taillight inlet
Non-slip aluminum floor

Same as pictures of this mobile kitchen
Basic configuration
Taillight+Fog reflector + triangle reflector
Double water sinks+1 hand sink
Water heater
EUR sockets+Circuit breaker
Gas box
Range hoods
Gas stove
Gas fryers
Under counter fridge
Food warmer

Mobile Kitchen5
Mobile Kitchen6
Mobile Kitchen7

This is a food trailer with a size of 340x200x240cm, a red color, and a dual-axle design. This size is the default single-axis design, but the customer needs dual-axis. The spray paint is bright paint, which looks like a mirror and reflective. In addition, you can choose a matte spray paint. The customer chooses to open a service window in the middle position, or can choose to open 2 service windows (customized according to your needs). The tires of this food trailer also use cyclone tires. Unique shape, different from ordinary food trailers. An aluminum alloy box is installed on the tow bar, which is multi-functional and can store sundries, gas bottles, generators, etc. The size can be customized.

The internal kitchen appliances include gas fryer, gas stove, counter refrigerator, food warmer, range hood, sink, socket and so on. This food trailer is a customized case from other customers. You can customize exactly the same food trailer or re-customize your own food trailer.

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