Concession Trailer Mobile Kitchen Custom Food Trucks

Concession Trailer Mobile Kitchen Custom Food Trucks

This concession trailer is made of fiberglass and stainless steel, especially light in weight and available in a variety of colors. There are also canopies and sliding windows. The appearance is more fashionable.Suitable for 1~2 people.

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This concession trailer comes from a customized case from a USA buyer.
All concession trailer are custom-made.
The cases shown in the picture are customized by other customers for reference only.
If you need a custom concession trailer , please contact us for the latest quotation.

Material Steel Plate+FRP 
Frame Galvanized Steel
Chassis  Galvanized Steel
Flooring Non-slip aluminum plate
Tire 165/R13
Counter/Bench Stainless Steel
Size 280x220x240cm   9.18x7.21x7.87ft (LxWxH) 
Weight 550kg  1212 lb
Color Yellow

The basic configuration of this concession trailer
Stainless steel counter
Glasses window  
Folding table
Non-slip Al floor
Power connector  
Tail light connector 
Ceiling light 
Safety chain 
Tow bar+guide wheels 

Same as pictures of this concession trailer
Basic configuration
3compartment sinks+1 hand sink
USA sockets

Concession Trailer 5
Concession Trailer 6
Concession Trailer 7
Concession Trailer 8

This concession trailer retro design has a trendy appearance, durable color and small size that does not take up parking space. A variety of colors are available, the canopy can be extended, and the color of the canopy can be consistent according to concession trailer. Lovely shape coupled with colorful canopy, deeply loved by women. Of course, there are many men who like this kind of design very much. The size of the concession trailer in the picture is 280x220x240cm, and the color is bright yellow, which is easy to attract the attention of roadside customers. Use German AL-KO Jack, chrome-plated wheel hub, 850kg heavy-duty tire. Standard American socket, American sink. Meet American standards. In addition, there are anti-skid aluminum floors and so on. Before leaving the factory, the concession trailer has been tested for waterproofing, circuit testing, road testing and so on. This concession trailer is the basic configuration, in addition, we also provide a lot of accessories, kitchen appliances, refrigeration appliances and so on. If you need to order this concession trailer, please contact us to get the latest quotation.

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