A food truck in Jeju

food truck

A food truck in Jeju where you can enjoy high-quality food and drinks using precious natural ingredients. Chasing along the routes of famous food trucks is in vogue.
Meat is always right. The cube steak of Waikiki Jeju is even more true when you eat it facing the dazzling sky facing the blue ridge of Saebyeol Oreum. Waikiki Jeju, which became more famous as a trendy design truck and great taste were introduced in the KBS travel entertainment program <Battle Trip> Jeju Island. If you want to taste the cube steak here, you have to hurry. Because it is a popular food truck, customers arrive before cars and wait.
They tell you the waiting number in the order you arrive, so you can order only when it’s your turn. The steak, freshly grilled at the time of ordering, is cut into bite-size pieces that are easy to eat, and the taste is superb when eaten with vegetables, mushrooms and garlic. The set menu is recommended if you want to enjoy it more abundantly and deliciously. Cube steak, Cajun fries, and soup of the day are also served, which is a little cheaper than buying them separately.

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Post time: Jul-28-2021