Food trailers from different countries are waiting for production

Food Trailers From Different Countries Are Waiting For Production

Food trailers/food trucks have always been a hot and high-demand industry
Although many countries are in the lockdown stage during the epidemic, there are still many customers inquiring about our food trailers/food trucks. Recently, many countries have been unblocked, the catering industry has begun to recover, and the demand for food trailers/food trucks has also increased a lot. .
Buyers’ inquiries and orders have also increased a lot.
At present, our factory’s orders have been saturated. Our factory has a production capacity of 500 units per month. In order to meet production needs, our factory has expanded its production workshop.
At present, the orders of the factory come from 20 countries around the world, and some customers have bought 100 sets. At present, the factory is running at full capacity, and many workers work 12 hours a day. In order to complete the delivery time as soon as possible, our workers persist in working no matter how tired they are. The current plan is to produce in seven batches and complete one batch a week. From chassis production, frame production, cabinet installation, spray painting, circuits, sinks, etc. It will take about 5-7 weeks, and if there is a peak order period, production will be extended by about 2 weeks. We have more and more orders, it must be inseparable from our company's professional design, high-quality raw materials, safety accessories, as well as car-grade spray painting and so on. At present, the food trailers with the largest orders are breeze food trucks, fiberglass food trailers, and the factory's warehouse has been covered with colorful food trailers.
At present, our company has exported from 120 countries.
Our company focuses on producing food trailers/food trucks
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Post time: Jun-23-2021