Food Truck Feedback From French Customers

Food truck Feedback from French customers

Our company's food trailer food truck has been exported to 120 countries around the world, many customers are willing to share their pictures, business process and so on after receiving the food trailer food truck. We are also very happy for our customers to receive their custom-made food trailers and food trucks. Recently, another French customer shared his food trailer, food truck.


According to statistics, roast chicken is one of the most popular foods in France.

Three months ago, the customer wanted us to produce a rotating roast chicken food truck.

After 2 weeks of discussion and confirmation, we made a quotation, free design and so on.

Of course, in the process of customizing, we also encountered language problems. Customers do not speak English. We communicate through translation software throughout the entire process. The quotations and proforma invoices need to be translated into French. The final customer was very satisfied with our service and price and paid the deposit.


The final customer was very satisfied with our service and price and paid the deposit.
The color of the food trailer is black, of course, 200+ colors can be provided
The size of this food trailer is 350x210x240cm
The internal kitchen appliances include rotary gas rotary chicken oven, gas fryer under counter refrigerator, sink, stainless steel walls, cash register drawers, etc.
After about 1 month of production and 1 month of transportation At present, the customer has received our customized food truck


It took 1 to 2 weeks for the customer to complete the local registration, insurance, etc., and have started to make roast chicken, and the business is getting better and better every day.
Of course, customer satisfaction is the driving force behind our company.
I also hope that all customers are satisfied with our food trailer food truck And He is also very willing to promote our company and food trailer food truck.
The customer also shared a picture of his food truck If you need to customize food trailer/food truck
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Post time: Jun-23-2021