The food truck rally came to Chesterfield Shopping Centre in November and booked 36 suppliers

food truck food trailer
British stone. Louis-This winter, the world’s largest food truck rally will host a food truck rally in Chesterfield.

According to the Facebook event page, Generation Entertainment Florida and the world’s largest food truck rally and three other companies will host a food truck event at the Chesterfield Mall from 11 am to 11 pm on Saturday, November 13th
So far, in addition to 9 companies, about 27 food and beverage suppliers have been booked. Admission is free.
In March 2021, Generation Food Truck (USA) won the Guinness World Record with the largest food truck parade of 121 vehicles held at the Florida Exhibition Center.

British stone. Louis-The doctoral school announced on Friday evening that Belma E. Givens, the wife of the late Harrisstow State University President Dr. Henry Givens, had passed away.
British stone. Louis County, Missouri-St. Louis County Acting Police Chief Kenneth Gregory is not lacking in experience. But this new experience in leadership is one that the 69-year-old admitted that he is still getting used to it.
“This may only grow on me, it may drive me away. I don’t know yet. I enjoy what I am doing now. I know this department is a challenge for me, and I look forward to dealing with it. Challenge,” Gregory said.

Post time: Aug-14-2021